Scope LBS

Selling today is complex and products and services go through multiple channels from a supplier to customers. And what works in one country does not have to work in another country. The Channeliser IT Partnership Survey 2017 shows that respondents are looking to grow their partner networks quickly and even 60% of the responded within the next 6 months. A big challenge for IT companies how new partners are identified, engaged and managed. Although both the vendor and reseller communities still prefer to use their own business networks to find new partners, this limits the ability to move quickly into completely new markets and geographies. Having a trusted local partner with knowledge of the local market can help speeding up this market engagement.

Local Business Services helps companies selling their products and services by setting up sales channels outside their current territory and can be your trusted local business partner having knowledge of the local market and helping you setting up a local partner network and managing your Go To Market investment. We combine experience and knowledge around our local market with a track record on Market research, Go To Market Investment Management and Channel Management.

Our propositions:

  1. Investigating the potential of products and services in a local market
  2. Actively engaging potential local partners
  3. Setup an integrated local channel management strategy and structure
  4. Manage your Go To Market investment in this local market

For more information:

Gerard Geerlings | | +31 6 53 888 204