Scope & Contact

Local Business Services B.V. was founded in 2016 by Gerard Geerlings MSc who has 30+ years experience in IT working mostly in Sales & Marketing environments as Project Manager, Program Manager, Investment Manager, Portfolio Manager, Sales Manager, Channel Manager, Lecturer Business Information Management, Business Coach and Mentor.

Local Business Services B.V. focuses on two propositions:

  1. Support companies from outside the Netherlands to find local partners which could help them sell and support their products and services in The Netherlands or Europe
  2. Support companies with implementing Business Information Management as key part of their business development cycle and merge their business and information management together to one integrated business function.

Local Business Services B.V 


Leusderweg 217, 3818 AE, Amersfoort , The Netherlands
Mobile: ++31 (0)6 53 888 204 | E-mail: | Skype: gerardgeerlings | Twitter: @LocalBusService